In case you’re following chainsaw, i wont be likely posting Monday.
i’m going to a wedding/camping trip this weekend. but i’m feeling good about tuesday.

For now have this sneak peek into next page. If you’re one of the 5 people who were following my first try at chainsaw you might recognize this guy. i didn’t know it at the time but i was basically casting John Bryne as a character in my comic. that guy is sexy as hell.

its been a while since i posted any new art. here’s a quick WIP of something i just started. its super rough! hope to post more soon.

Hi i just got blender and your art looks amazing, do u have any tips on making a scene in blender?

Hey! thanks!
First off, you’re in luck. there is gigantic libraries worth of great free tutorials. «< even though most of their newer more advanced tutorials are subscription based, most of their older library of tutorials is completely free and way more essential to go through, if you’re just starting. «<really great tutorials as well. «< ditto

Sometimes i’ll just have these on while i work on other stuff, like drawings or digital paintings. animation, playing video games.
of course i may not absorb more than half of it, but i know which videos to go back to when i’m trying to achieve something specific, or which general section i of blender i should be looking in for a specific tool or option… This doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. its just a thing i like to do.

There’s people who’s entire careers are based on only one aspect of a given 3D software, e.g., modeling, rigging, texturing, animation, etc.
i’m not that great at any of these, so my approach has been so far to make really simple scenes that have nice compositions rather than to try and show off some technical dexterity i don’t have…

i also try to take queues from disciplines that have been around for much longer than computer graphics. a simple 3 point lighting photographers and painters have been using for centuries can go much further than more complex photo-realistic lighting techniques when lazily slapped on…

Apart from this i don’t have that many tips to share. most of the more put together scenes I’ve made took me a few days to finish, in that time i looked up what i didn’t know and re-worked over and over parts i didn’t like.

The one simple tip i’d share is to color correct anything you render in Photoshop or after effects (if it’s animated)
even the plainest looking renders can come to life when tweaking each individual color channel’s curve a little bit.

I hope this isn’t all too vague…

Ur an awesome human being HAI

THANK YOU! you are awesome as well for brightening my day with your kind words :)
sorry it took me so long to reply. i saw this at work and then got insanely busy all of the sudden, it’s been a crazy week…


The Falls! Tonight and once more! Menacing new poster design by Isam Prado.

Sunday, July 13 and Monday, July 21, both 8:00. 

New Spectacle Poster for Peter Greenaways amazing pseudo documentary following the aftermath of a apocalyptic event, it has tons of amazing names and lists.

Made in Blender and Photoshop, I managed to get a high res 3D scan of a real human skull, Which was recently made available to the 3D community for free. i wonder what that person would say if they knew their cranium would be used for something like this…

I just posted the first 12 pages of the web-comic I’ve been working on called CHAINSAW. After a long hiatus due to poor planning i finally decided to re-boot the whole thing. I’m determined to not let this new iteration suffer the same fate as it’s half baked predecessor. Wish me luck.

it might not look like much right now, but it will hopefully get better as i keep learning how to write and draw better. Hopefully…

Slightly NSFW for language and violence but nothing too cruel or distasteful. In my standards at least.

Updates every Monday.


Tomorrow at midnight, Friday June 27: the mid-90s cyberpunk of Digital Man. Digitally perfect new poster by Isam Prado.

Here’s my latest spectacle poster. this time made in Blender
the sequence i got my idea from a sequence which featured a generic- 90’s looking 3d model, I like Matthias Hues face better, so i attempted to recreate his likeness.